Spencer Brown - Designer, Programmer, and Sprite Artist

Don't pay attention to the 0s and 1s, even though he's a programmer half the time, he knows nothing of binary! A man with his blood purely made of 5 hour energy drinks, trust us, we've tested it, don't question it, and runs on sheer force of will! He's the malleable, permanently exhausted, the many hat wearing, even though it looks stupid to have that many hats on, but a game designer at heart, Programmer Maverick!

Lisa Bat.jpg

Lisa Shackelford - Environmental Artist

She makes art for games. She's probably a cylon.

Julian Picture.jpg

Julian Beutel - Composer

Canadian trumpet player/composer Julian Beutel is constantly seeking new ways of exploring music and sound. Trained in traditional jazz, Julian's interests have broadened to find ways of combining elements of improvised music with those of ambient electronic and contemporary classical music.


Justin Greenly - Concept and Sprite Artist

An animator from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and though he focuses on character animation, he considers himself a generalist with interest in other aspects of a cinema workflow, such as storyboarding, character design, and rigging.  Most recently he's been delving into the world of Game development using GML (Game Make Language).  And he is having a spectacular time!


Matt Dulemba - Concept Artist

Matt lives in Seattle where he survives on a diet that consists mostly of popcorn and coffee. He started delving in art when he was 5 and never fully recovered.